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Shower Mats

 If you think an anti-slip shower mat is just a decorative material, then you are completely wrong. They are made to save you from slips and falls in your wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, pool...
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Eurotex Anti Slip Mat Roll for Kitchen Floor, Bathroom, Shower Area, Washing Area, Bar Area, Swimming Pool, Lobby. 2ft x 16.5ft Non Slip Mat | 5 Meter Roll.

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Shower Mats

 If you think an anti-slip shower mat is just a decorative material, then you are completely wrong. They are made to save you from slips and falls in your wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, pool areas, and more. Today, a good anti slip bath mat is a must-have for every Indian household.

Anti Slip Shower Mats: Save Yourself from Slips

1. Ensuring Safety:

No more slipping in the bathroom; these Anti Slip Shower mats are here to enhance the safety of your bathroom and add a dash of design making it a safer and better choice.

2. Sophisticated  bathrooms:

These anti slip bathroom mat aren't just about functionality; they're about turning your bathroom into a sophisticated space where you can enjoy your personal time.


Why Choose Eurotex Anti Slip Mat?

ANTI SKID SURFACE: Wave textured design gives solid, comfortable footing and required traction while taking a shower, for protection against falls, even if the anti slip in bath mat touches the Soap or shower gel it will not slip.

SAFETY: Anti slip Mats for the shower is made of high-end TPE and PP plastic material, there are 17 strip bases made of TPE material at the bottom of the anti slip bathroom mat, allowing anti slip bath mat to remain securely in place when wet.

PREVENTING YOU FROM SLIPPING: This non slip bath mat is a safety essential for the young and old alike. The textured surface helps prevent slipping accidents while the rubber strips secure it in place keeping your floor safe from scratches.

PREMIUM DESIGN: The stylish colour schemes fit every bathroom gorgeously, and the modern design enhances the overall aesthetic.

BUILD QUALITY: Our anti slip in bath mat are expertly crafted from 100% eco-friendly PVC and natural rubber, with no toxic smell, mould and mildew resistant for years of worry free use! Durable yet flexible, this easy to clean mat can also be trimmed at home to fit your custom preference!

Select From a wide Variety of Bath Mat 

When it comes to anti slip bathroom mat, selecting the right material is of utmost importance. Here are a few bath mat types available at Eurotex along with their benefits:

1. Anti-Slip Shower Mat:

The OG Mat, an anti skid mat for bathroom, is the most popular and reliable option for your bathroom. These anti slip bath mat boast textured surfaces that hold their ground against even the soapiest of feet, keeping you upright and avoiding any slips

2. Diatom Mat:

Ever stepped out of the shower with wet feet, that leaves a footprint on your floor! Enter the diatom mat, a revolutionary invention that wicks away. Made from a natural, porous material called diatomaceous earth, these bath mats absorb water like magic


3. Shower Mat with Suction:

If you are someone who is worried about bathroom safety, Then you have to go with a suction shower mat. These shower mats stick to the floor like glue, ensuring your mat stays put no matter how freely you move in the shower.


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FAQs on Bath Mat:

1. How to choose a bathroom rug?

Here are some tips for choosing a bathroom rug:

  • Determine the right size and shape.

  • Know where you will place the best anti slip bath mat (dry/wet area) and choose the material accordingly.

  • Choose the right bathroom fixtures for your bathroom.

  • If you live with the elderly, are clumsy or just want to be extra careful, choose non-slip bathroom rugs.

2. How often do you wash the bathroom floor mats?

The frequency of washing carpets depends on how they are used. For average use, wash about once every two weeks. For heavy use, wash once a week. If your shower mat non slip is made of PVC, daily washing is recommended and easy!

3. What is the best non-slip shower mat?

A high-quality rubber or PVC bath mat is the best choice if you are looking for non-slip mats. You can easily find it on the internet in

4. Where can I buy the best non-slip bath mat online?

You can buy the best Eurotex anti skid mat for bathroom online, in the colour of your choice and at the best price!


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