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Neon Signs

Wanna brighten up your favorite area with the glow of neon signs? Eurotex is here to help with his custom neon sign, which can be customized in any design or size as per what you...
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Neon Signs

Wanna brighten up your favorite area with the glow of neon signs? Eurotex is here to help with his custom neon sign, which can be customized in any design or size as per what you want. Transform your boring room into a one-of-a-kind sanctuary. Design your ideal neon light that represents your style and personality, and change the whole atmosphere of the room.

Neon Signs

Buy India’s No. 1 Custom Neon Sign online

You are still thinking about how to add the perfect touch to any arrangement or simple backdrop for your event. Or do you need a special gift for your friends or children? Our neon decorations may be your best choice. Because at Eurotex, we craft one-of-a-kind neon signs to make your room truly your own.

The Most Affordable Neon Sign in India Online

Shine bright on a budget! India's number one custom neon sign at unbeatable prices. Custom designs, fast turnaround, and free shipping. Find your perfect vibe today! Upgrade your bedroom with Eurotex.

Neon Signs

Here are 3 important things to check to finalize the size of a custom LED flex sign.

Location: Consider where the light sign will be displayed and how much space there is. A sign that is too large for the space may overwhelm the area, while a sign that is too small may not be visible enough.

Message: Make sure your label is easy to read, impressive, and effectively conveys your intended message to your target audience.

Design: It is important to consider the design of the sign in relation to its intended purpose and location, as this can help determine the exact size needed to achieve the desired look and effect.

Why a Custom Neon Sign from

Eurotex’s custom neon sign wall decor is a modern and stylish alternative to traditional home decor.

Eurotex’s Custom Neon Sign' uses energy-efficient LED technology, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective to work for a longer duration.

Eurotex’s Custom Neon Sign comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose one that matches your personal style and home decor.

With Eurotex’s Custom Neon Sign, you can choose a Dimmer Remote as well, which you can use to control your Neon Sign.

Eurotex’s Custom Neon light offers the best quality neon sign on the market. Our acrylic is thicker than the others, and we also used the brightest neon for making our neon sign.


What do you get with our neon sign?

Neon Sign: Our neon signs use LED lights that reduce environmental impact and keep your sign safe from overheating with an acrylic cover over the lights that protects them from external damage.

Adaptor: A 12V adaptor that offers the brightest light for the neon sign.

Control box: To give you complete control over your neon light, we provide a control box through which you can regulate the electrical current and brightness of the lights. Some special signs also have a programmable control box to control animation and lighting effects.

Mounting hardware: You have the option to choose between studs and a screw or stainless steel chain for hanging your neon sign at your desired place.

Dimmer: Dimmer is optional, but if you want to control your neon sign as per your mood, you should opt for Dimmer as well.

Custom Neon Sign for Gifting

The perfect way to add light to any room! Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room, show your friends and family that your home is their happy place, or give your friends and family a special gift, these custom neon signs are the perfect choice.


Custom neon signs are fragile objects, and nobody wants to receive a broken neon sign. So, don’t worry here at Eurotex; we take care that Neon Sign will reach you safely, and there is also a 2-year warranty on our custom Neon Sign.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I customise my logo and design for a neon sign?

Yes, you can customise any logo or design of yours into a neon sign. You can also contact us at 9871255499 to ask more.

Q. How much time will it take for my neon sign to get delivered?

We offer the fastest delivery on Neon light; it will take 2–3 days for your custom Neon to be delivered to your location. 

Q. Can neon signs change colour?

Yes, you choose our Fabflo Neon Sign, which uses RGB LED light for multicolor light, which you can control as you want.

Q. What is the price of your neon sign?

We are offering the most affordable price for a neon sign; the price starts as low as Rs. 1500 for a 6-letter neon sign.

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