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Artificial Grass

Are you tired of the endless cycle of mowing, watering, and weeding? Dreaming of a lush, green haven without the backbreaking chores? Then artificial grass is your saving grace! It's not just about aesthetics; it's...
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Artificial Grass

Are you tired of the endless cycle of mowing, watering, and weeding? Dreaming of a lush, green haven without the backbreaking chores? Then artificial grass is your saving grace! It's not just about aesthetics; it's about time, money, and yes, even a touch of sanity.


Top Benefits of Eurotex Artificial Grass


Ditch the Mowing Madness: Say goodbye to those weekend mornings lost in cutting and maintaining your ever-growing grass. Fake grass stays neatly trimmed year-round, freeing up your precious hours to spend on things you enjoy. These fake grass turfs are suitable for family picnics, barbecues with friends, or any other gathering.


Say Fertilizer and Weed Killer Goodbye: Forget about the toxic chemicals and endless trips to the hardware store. Artificial grass mats are naturally resistant to pests and weeds, eliminating the need for harmful fertilisers and herbicides. Breathe easy knowing your kids and pets are playing on a safe, chemical-free surface. 

No More Mud, No More Mess: Now, rainy days won't turn your yard into a soggy mess anymore. Artificial grass mats drain incredibly well, keeping mud at bay and preventing those dreaded muddy paw prints from tracking indoors. Your shoes will thank you, and your cleaning routine will be significantly less messy.

Long-Lasting Value: While there's an initial investment, artificial grass turf offers incredible value in the long run. Its lifespan is far greater than that of natural grass, requiring minimal maintenance and replacement costs. Think of it as an investment in your leisure time, your wallet, and your overall satisfaction with your outdoor space.

Stop the Sprinkler Splashdown: Water bills got you drowning? Fake grass eliminates the need for constant watering, saving you hundreds (even thousands!) of gallons each year. It's a boon for both your budget and the environment. Imagine the guilt-free feeling of enjoying your green lawn while knowing you're conserving precious resources.


Positive Points of the Artificial Grass Mat:

Save Energy: These synthetic grass lawns are lifesavers for working professionals who don't have time to take care of their lawns and greens. These artificial grass mats help save time and effort. Save money by going green: no mowing, watering, or spraying.

Artificial grass is durable: While real grass is very easily damaged, synthetic grass turf is much more durable and waterproof thanks to the high-quality synthetic material used in its production.

Pet Friendly: If you are tired of your pet's muddy footprints all over the house, these artificial grass turfs are perfect for your home. These grass mats are designed to keep your pet's paws neat and clean.

DIY decoration: If you like to decorate your home yourself, these lawn mats give you the opportunity to design it yourself and make your home greener, friendlier, and more aesthetic.



Heat Resistance: Fake grass can absorb and retain heat, making it warmer than natural grass, especially in direct sunlight. If you live in a warmer area, avoid placing the lawn rug in direct contact with the sunlight.

Chemical Issues: Standard turf grass products contain chemicals that can be harmful to human health or the environment. But don't worry; Eurotex turf grass is non-toxic and 100% lead-free.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

Q. How long does artificial grass last?

In short, it is higher than natural grass! Our range of fake grass can last 10 years or more with proper maintenance. Depending on the level of traffic in the area, it may not even fade or even be out at that time.

Q. Will my garden also dry out with artificial grass?

Yes, artificial grass. Grass drains like real grass. It is porous, so rainwater can flow through it to the floor below.

Q. Does artificial grass need constant maintenance?

No maintenance. To remove tough dirt, use it occasionally with a stiff brush or high-speed hose.

Q. Does artificial grass fade in sunlight?

Modern synthetic grass turf keeps its colour for a long time. You may notice that when the colour of the grass beds changes, it changes slightly, but it is not a fading of the grass.

Q. Is artificial grass suitable for families with children?

Yes, fake grass is completely safe for children. When installed correctly, it is a great surface for children to run and play on.


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